The ebb and flow of our internal introspection and external connection is inherently intertwined. With Merge self-care product line, it is an extension of this poetic relationship and ecosystem. What we do to uplift ourselves in turn pours outward to our community and environment, and vice versa.

Through the pillars of ritualmemory, sustainability, and coastal connection we realize the internal and external cannot exist without the other (a merge if you will).

It's more than just a pretty box,

and you're more than just a pretty face.

  • When the midday blooms and you pause to have a long awaited deep breath— you've done it, you've reached a midpoint, not quite the end; but you've found a gift, a moment of consciousness for the journey, the now, the MERIDIEM.


Merge values uniqueness, design, sustainability, inner exploration, and mindfulness.


We believe making small, thoughtful changes in the way we do things as a business can have a positive impact by motivating people to choose a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

We are constantly reassessing how we can design and produce our goods to be more sustainable every step of the way – from the materials we use, where they’re made, how long they’ll last, and what happens to them after. 

hemp & organic cotton line


We radiate a quiet confidence when we slip into our favourite piece of clothing. Understated elegance in pieces that outlast shifting moods, trends, and environments are like our solid ground; reliable, constant, and unwavering.  

When our basics are within arms reach, memories of spinning through our closets and emptying drawers are replaced with calm. These environmentally gentle, timeless, and well-fitted items are our gift to you— to keep life simple. 

You've got good taste!

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