2021: a wild and oh-so-fun year

We thought it would be fun to do a little recap of 2021. Buckle up, it was a wild and oh-so-fun ride! 

1. We started the year by welcoming Emma as Merge’s first Product Design Assistant. She’s killing it and she's the one sourcing products and brands. With her kindness and funny personality, finding underground brands and goods is no secret to her.⁠

2. Our signature Balmy Summer roll-on fragrance got to travel to many new retailers as we're working on bringing the goods closer to your home.⁠

3. At the beginning of the summer, Val came back to the island, hurray! We missed her dearly. Along with creating content and chatting with you in the store, she kept the stoke high at Merge and is the one behind all social media things.

4. In July, we welcomed another team member: Frankie. Between naps and bonding with everyone coming through our doors, she’s been working hard on a new garden in front of the store and saying goodbye through the window door.

5. The launch of our new stackable glasses, our eco toques, Les Fleurs tee, and our very own coffee blend was a success! 

6. We had the most fun going South Island for our first staff getaway/surf trip. It was an easy-going weekend filled with goooood times and vino. Team bonding at its maximum. 

7. In September, the team kept expanding as we welcomed Alex as our new wholesale manager. You might have met her in-store already; she has the sweetest soul and we love her sense of humour. ⁠

8. With your help, we were able to give back to Surf Rider, United Way for BC floods, Tribal Park Allies and Rising Tide Surf, as well as other organizations throughout the year. ⁠

9. Lydia, our first-ever store manager, left her position to pursue her dreams and focus on herself. We couldn't have done this busy summer without her and her outstanding management skills. We wish her the best with her new project Goofy Club Tofino and we hope to work with her again in the future xx

⁠10. We had the most fun night at Jingle! Seeing all of you hanging out in Merge's little space felt just like the good old days. Many thanks for your endless support and love.⁠

11. And through the year, we got to do apparel fitting, get lost in Pantone books and the world of scents as we are continuously working on our new apparel line and adding products to our self-care one! Stay. Very. Tuned. For. 2022!

A HUGE THANKS to all the creatives people being the lenses capturing Merge's essence at its best: Cristina for your continuous beautiful and unique vision of Merge, Valerie for all the hard work delivering beautiful imagery as soon as they hit the shelves, Cheyenne for your out-of-the-box creative vision, Francesca and Anisa for making Merge travel to Europe, Virginie for some dreamy surfy images, Rachael for capturing Merge Home so beautifully, and to all the models taking part of our photoshoots. AND YOU, for sharing and rocking the goods, obviously! But even more so, thank you for allowing us to do what we're passionate about.

A truly very sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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