Enjoying the summer a little longer

Honestly, I've been trying to find a sweet way of kicking off this blog post. But all that comes to mind is: holly sh** summer is already over! Are we the only one to have the impression that this summer has literally just slipped through our fingers?
Okay, don't get me wrong. Yes, we do think fall is cute, fun and often the fresh, exciting new start we all need. But, I guess my point here is that I aim for a smooth transition into the new season as it seems like we haven't had enough time to enjoy fully all of what there was to enjoy during summer. 
So, besides the fact that hands down, we can take, year-round, more time in warmer water and warmer sunshine, as September knocking at our doors usually comes with the beginning of school, or the transition from a summer job to another one. Therefore, making our playtime lower in our priorities list. Though, I'd warn ourselves and emphasize the rejuvenating feeling we all know about once we enjoy the ocean, the mountains, or a weekend trip into nature. 
Personally, we think there is nothing better than comforting & natural smelling and made products to help any seasonal / environmental or even emotional transitions. Not that you should care or anything, but let me throw out there that one of everyone favorite product is the Picot crystal roll scent. Cliché!? Greenroom Shampoo Dar or Deew Body Lotion are also pretty amazing smell.
There's just so little that feels better than a post-surf-session comfy & warm, cute hoodie. And, if your closet is emptied out of one, well here's our cordial invitation for you to come by the boutique and check out what we can offer ya
You might have been in the loop of that alternative oat milk trend. You may have not, and if the case, sorry not sorry, you’re missing out. But, in any cases, I assume, you've been enjoying some sort of AM's caffeine / tea ritual that I very suggest you keep caring for. 
Changes are beautiful, and often, they bring a sense of improvement! So, when the days get shorter and colder, or when your lifestyle will start shifting, don't forget to smile, to love and to be grateful for whatever you have, whether tiny or not! 
On this, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for having stopped by the boutique this summer. We're so grateful for all you & we're so looking forward to keeping seeing you this fall!
TO DO'S list to Kicking-Off-September-The-Right-Way!
+ Be mindful with your time, and keep implementing, into your schedule, outdoors activities. 
+ Keep wearing / using those summer smells. 
+ Pull out that cute sweater & get out there to enjoy the crisp air.
+ D.O. N.O.T give up your oat lattées. Especially those from Tofino Coffee Roasting Co.
+ Keep surfing, keep smiling, & mostly keep loving! 

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