Merge timeless capsules collections

01. Of all we have met

We have created and gathered objects that facilitate reflectiveness, curiosity and remind us to appreciate our interwoven pathways with the people and little bits of life that made us who we are.  

Tees with illustrations and words that prompt us about the importance of connections. Journals to recall beautiful moments. Tapping into tradition with love notes to be sent via mail or love letters to read out loud. Glasses to cheer with and swallow every last drop of life in. Jewelry that is worn in pairs or shared with a friend. Items that are easy to bring traveling. 

02. A sunday morning kind of beauty

This collection sets the tone for raw & mindful moments without compromising beauty & style.

We had in mind those Sunday mornings where no makeup is involved, where coffee flows, where impromptu hangouts with loved ones are soul filling, where getting absorbed in a book is guilt-free and sorting laundry is done mindfully. Moments where we are fully disconnected from to do lists, away from our phones and notice beauty around us by being present.

03. touch of the earth

Celebrating sustainability through durable hemp & organic cotton, these fun and timeless pieces will make you feel uplifted yet grounded throughout your day. Watch these basics get softer and more relaxed with age, while you uphold a daily practice of losing your sense of time in nature. 

Design, assembled and dyed in Canada.