• A square bath bomb peeks out of an open box.
  • A square bath bomb peeks out of an open box.
  • A square bath bomb peeks out of an open box.
  • Bath Bomb
  • Bath Bomb
  • Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

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Rose Clay | Cocoa Butter | Epsom Salt | Valerian Root
A unique combination of naturally soothing ingredients like epsom salt and valerian root. With the addition of calming essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, patchouli, ylang ylang, neroli, and petitgrain you will be bathing in a calm filled bliss. Perfect for all skin types.

Chill (formerly known as Detoxifying)
Aloe Vera | Dead Sea Salt | Coconut Oil | Cucumber Extract
Awaken your senses and cool your skin with this detoxifying and gentle blend of kaolin clay, peppermint, coconut oil, lemon, and cucumber. Cucumber extract and aloe vera combine with peppermint to give you the perfect tingly chilled sensation on your skin while providing optimal hydration. Blue Spirulina nourishes the skin and creates a beautiful cool blue bath water. The perfect treat for after workout, for sore muscles or on a hot day (or just for something refreshing!) Not recommended for children. For those with sensitive skin, test a small amount first. Pregnant/breastfeeding women consult doctor prior to use. 

French Clay | Epsom Salt | Hempseed Oil | Spirulina
Help protect and restore your skin's natural barrier with this beautifully crafted bath bomb. Spirulina nourishes skin with minerals and antioxidants, while hemp seed oil prevents moisture loss and premature skin aging with its concentrated essential fatty acid content. Rose clay gently purifies and prepares your skin to absorb the minerals from the epsom salts, while rich cocoa butter and jojoba oil leaves your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Perfect for all skin types. Pregnant/breastfeeding women consult doctor prior to use.

Bare Skin Bar is a collection of simple and effective self-care treats, free from artificial colours, glitters, and foaming agents. Instead, they focus on fun-to-use products with beneficial ingredients that make you feel good. Vegan, cruelty-free, natural ingredients, and a little bit of pizazz so you can shine from the goods, not the glitter!