• The collette sweater is picture on a model in the colour Soft Grey. They are reaching down and have their fingers perched on the edge of a boat.
  • The Collette Handknit Sweater is photographed on a model at the beach. They are holding the neckline up to their forehead, covering their face. The soft off-white knit appears warm against the cool blue ocean.
  • The Collette Sweater is pictured on a madel on the beach. She is snuggled up in the slightly oversized off-white sweater and is clutching the neckline of the sweater up to her nose.
  • The Colette Sweater is pictured in Seaglass - a soft pistachio green, and in Coral - a warm peachy salmon. The two models embrace while looking at the camera.
  • The Colette Sweater is pictured on a blonde model, pulling her hair back out of her face.
  • A model is wearing the coral coloured Colette Sweater and is holding the Colette Sweater in Seaglass up across their chest.
  • A model is pictured sitting on the beach wearing the Colette Sweater in Coral.
  • A model is wearing the Colette Sweater in Coral.
  • A photograph featuring the Colette Sweater in Coral.
  • Amodel is sitting on a boat wearing the Collette Sweater in Soft Grey. Their are holding onto a rope with both hands to the left.
  • The Collette Sweater in Soft Grey.
  • Colette Handknit Sweater

Colette Handknit Sweater

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An everyday basic. Handknit to keep you cozy for a lifetime //

A hand-knit beauty. This locally made, naturally dyed in small batches sweater has all the elements of a well-designed piece that you'll wear season after season. The boxy silhouette, tight cuffs, mohair fluff and vertical lines give this sweater its timeless elegance.

A mix of wool and mohair has been used to give that airy, lofty and warm feel that will last you a lifetime. The wool will “bloom” with wear over time, making it soft and warm. Pssst. You get a Balmy Summer perfume with purchase.

Also, meet its matching best friend Frankie our hand knit statement toque, best paired matchy-matchy — same color hat with same color sweater. Yep, we totally dig that.


The coral color is naturally dyed with madder roots and osage orange. 
100% Canadian-made and sourced wool and mohair.
Handknit in Sooke, British Columbia by Olann.
Onesize only.

Approximate dimensions when flat:

Length: 20 3/4" (from shoulder/neckline seam to bottom edge) Cuff opening: 3" Cuff length: 4" Sleeve length: 26" (from shoulder/neckline seam to edge of cuff) Sleeve width: 7" Neck opening: 6"

Color may vary from your computer screen. Limited quantities.