• Do Make | The Power of Your Own Two Hands

Do Make | The Power of Your Own Two Hands

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When we make things with our own hands, we connect with ourselves, the materials we use, and our physical environment. We feel grounded and centred. James Otter, a British surfer who makes wooden surfboards for a living, believes that making anything is about finding a process, trusting that process, and then finding flow. In Do Make, he shares his philosophy of making and offers guidance and encouragement. He breaks down the complex into manageable chunks - a fundamental idea for any maker – and helps us overcome ‘can’t do’ barriers and reconnect with our creative selves.

James Otter is a wooden surfboard maker living and working on the coast of Cornwall, a rugged stretch of coastline where the Atlantic meets the southern tip of the UK. He has a background in designing and making award-winning furniture.


Paperback | 144 pages