• Emocean Magazine is photographed against a bright purple background.
  • Emocean surf magazine, Issue 02.
  • Emocean surf magazine, issue 02.
  • A deep blue wave towers over a wetsuit-clad photographer floating in the waves.
  • A woman wearing a mask is captured in a black and white photo.
  • Emocean surf magazine, issue 02.
  • A photo of a surfer with the title "Surfing Darker-with Imane Signate".
  • A surfer wearing a bright blue wetsuit rides a blue wave.
  • "But this leaves open the question of how one gets access to the education in surfing that enables him or her to develop 'good surfing'?"
  • Emocean surf magazine, issue 03.
  • Emocean surf magazine, issue 03.
  • Emocean surf magazine, issue 03.
  • Three women stand on top of a car.

Emocean Magazines

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Emocean is an everyperson surf magazine that champions diverse perspectives, radical creativity, relatability, empowerment, and especially the narratives of women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ surfers.

Jaleesa Vincent
Kim McKenzie
Stephen Milner
Mary Mills
Chelsea Woody
Benny’s Club
Sachi Cunningham
Westside Wahines
Cher Pendarvis
Ashley Lloyd
Sharon Schaffer

ISSUE 02—RAGE (3 different covers)
Rochelle Ballard
Moana Wong
Jodie Barsby
Wrenna Delgado
Locals: Rocinha
Imane Signate
Bruce Mathys
Bodyboard Pioneers
Justin Valdes

ISSUE 03—CONNECTION (3 different covers)
Holly Wawn
Selema Masekela
Otis Hope Carey
Locals: Puerto Rico
Surf Psychedelia
Saada Ahmed
Gage Crismond
Joanie Cappetta
Lot Lizards
Chelsea Slayter


Dimensions: 170 x 240mm
Pages: 380