• Spruce & Kelp Everywhere Wash
  • Spruce & Kelp Everywhere Wash

Spruce & Kelp Everywhere Wash

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We stumbled upon this hand wash and fell in love. We absolutely had to have in in our store! It smells so refreshing, like a walk in the rainforest of Tofino! 

A silky soft lather cleanses your skin without drying it out. Giant kelp hydrates while a fruit salad of vitamin rich botanicals nourishes.

No synthetic preservatives or surfactants to worry about here, just wild and organic ingredients doing their thing.
Use it after the Spruce & Kelp Everywhere Lotion for a true forest bathing experience! 

ingredients: purified rain water, west coast giant kelp extract, canadian pine extract, *chamomile extract, *rosehip extract, *horsetail herb extract, *lavender extract, *marigold extract, *burdock extract, *sunflower oil, *sweet almond oil,*grapeskin extract, *rosemary extract, certified biodynamic avocado oil, *lotus bean gum, *calendula extract, poly glucose (natural surfactant from potato oil/ coconut oil), cocoa butter, *glycerine, *hemp seed oil, *guar gum, oatmeal, black spruce oil, petitgrain oil, sweet fennel oil, olive leaf, blueberry in saline solution, wild red clover extract


* = organic
500 ml