• Surf Euphoria T-Shirt
  • Surf Euphoria T-Shirt
  • Surf Euphoria T-Shirt

Surf Euphoria T-Shirt

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DEEP ENJOYMENT - Catching a wave deploys feel-good neuro chemicals and may lead to a state of flow; an altered state of consciousness. The effects of these chemicals while released “in flow” are considered even more powerful which could be why surfing is so addictive.

NEW PERSPECTIVES - When near or immersed in water, creating new neural pathways and dismantling thought patterns long-time engrained in us is enhanced.

SOOTHING EFFECT - Found especially around breaking waves, negative ions are said to be nature’s anti-depressants. They help increase mental clarity & energy as well as soothe our nervous system.

Heavyweight fabric & a loose fit to make it your go-to tee. 

Illustration by Merge. Printed in Canada.

Unisex size, please make sure to check our size chart below to find your perfect fit.


Chest width is taken when the garment is flat, 1" below armpit seam. 

Size Body Length Chest Width
XS 23" 18"
S 24" 19 1/2"
M 25" 21"
L 26" 22 1/2"
XL 27" 24"
XXL 29" 25 1/2"