timeless comfort

Float in deep hues of indigo clouds, freedive in the serene blues of the ocean.

  • Our hemp apparel designs weave together 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Timeless garments that embody sustainability. Made in Canada. 

Our shelves hold thoughtful objects to effortlessly help one find beauty in the rituals, joy in the everyday, and confidence in the understated elegance.

The daily pratice of self-care

The ebb and flow of our internal introspection and external connection is inherently intertwined. With Merge self-care product line, it is an extension of this poetic relationship and ecosystem. What we do to uplift ourselves in turn pours outward to our community and environment, and vice versa.

We aim to share the mentality of owning only beautiful and useful objects born from the unapologetic love for creativity and thirst for design. Bringing joy to simple moments, our intentional products uplift and empower purpose-driven consumers who seek items aligned with their values.


We believe making small, thoughtful changes in the way we do things as a business can have a positive impact by motivating people to choose a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.