All you need to know about the female surf community in Tofino

Concerning the number of women that are surfing nowadays, LADIES we made incredible progress in assuming our place in the water. Of course, there always were few girls surfing and riding along with the guys, Jenny Stewart, and Catherine Bruhwiler being one of those. Two centuries ago, though, to them and probably to other women, something has appeared to be missing. It seemed like no one was ever fully onboard on showing them, ladies, the ropes.
So, after realizing that, among women, there was that desire to learn how to surf and that there was a lack of initiative to inaugurate more and more women to surfing, Jenny took responsibility for filling that void, and started Surf Sister surf school.
Surf Sister, before becoming the biggest all-female instructor surf schools in the world and dragging more and more women into the water, I have to say, was pretty rudimentary: a truck, a few boards, and a cell phone. The protocol was simple. Give Jenny a personal ring for her to meet you for a lesson.
Photo by Cristina Gareau 
Nonetheless, it contributed in waking up Tofino’s surf industry and in increasing the number of surfer girls going in. Yo guys, the Pacific Ocean is cold a.f., and your men fitted wetsuits don't flatter our lil' tuches, may you please craft our ladies 5mm wetsuits too? Ladies! We’ve made a hell of a trip in assuming our place in the water, and that's sick!
Fast forward to today, people are impressed by the number of women surfing the Tofino waters. Men don't outnumber women as much as they used to, which is quite unusual. And, here is why:
• The domino effect.Seeing other women surfing, smiling, laughing, and having a blast is contagious. You just want to jump in too and join the party!
• There are many beaches around Tofino spreading out the crowd which allows for friendlier party waves A.K.A. more appealing rides for us ladies. It's not that I want to paint us in that soft light, but mostly, we, ladies, don't have a tendency roll around with the « fight for your wave » style.
• Surf Sister! This school has clearly played a significant role in making surfing more accessible for women, in Tofino at least. Surfing can seem intimidating at first, so to have someone / a team that really takes you under its wings makes every step look smaller.
• Canadian girls like to play. Sitting on the beach and chilling is not our favs. If the guys are having fun, so will we. There must be something about the way we’re raised. Dunno!
• Surfing is therapeutic. So much that is it pretty common to meet girls that have settled in Tofino, made it their home and have been hanging around since, in average, the past ten years.
That being said, let’s all support and encourage each other so that we all rise together. If you see another girl out there, and you see that you can give her just little tips to help her, please do! We can definitely elevate that sport! Who knows want could happen with the Olympic? It would be pretty cool to see a Canadian woman in the World Surf League!
See you out there ladies!
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