Dancing on water with Lydia Ricard

Lydia Ricard, long boarding athlete from Tofino spent the last month travelling around for surf competitions. From Mexico to the Nationals, here in Tofino, and then France, we could said that she did her own little world tour. We wanted to hear all about it!
Any lessons learned from those insane tripsto Mexico and to France?
So much experience and so many lessons! Just to be able to watch that level of surfing with my own eyes was amazing. I soaked it all in and try to analyze the maneuver performed in front of me. I also got some tips here and there about longboarding. I think to do three competitions in a row really pushed me out of my comfort zone, consistently. For a whole month basically, I surfed in conditions or ways I was not used to.
How was your experience in Mexico?
In Mexico, it was a traditional contest so I was not allowed to surf witha leash, which I rarely do here in Tofino, but I had to. I was scared to lose my board because apparently there was some deadly stonefish in the rocks where your board would wash out, but I only lost it once after all! And did not die, which was great, ha! The waves were also pretty big for what I am used to, so that combined with no leash was pretty challenging. It really helped me be in control, and react to the wave in front of me instead of forcing things on a wave. I feel that surfing leashless really helped me reading the wave better and surf with more control.
Lydia captured by Bryanna Bradley 
You finished second place at the Nationals, how was your weekend?
A week after the Mexi Log Fest, theNationals took place here in Tofino and the waves were far from ideal, but still went out there and did it! Big waves, combined with messiness and low tide just really pushed me out of my comfort zone. For the first time ever, I did not feel as intimidated by the size of the waves, which really helped to deal with the stress.
Not long after that, you flew to France. How was surfing in Europe?
In France, the conditions were just terrible. I did not do very well, but to watch the top surfers making it work in the same conditions really inspired me to go out in different conditions, to learn how to make the best out of these waves.I feel that I learned so much overall. By watching the best surfers who made it work no matter what, it showed me that the conditions don't matter as much, because we are all in the same boat, so if you can shine when the conditions are horrible, it really shows who are the best surfers.
Make sure to cheer her up if you see her in the water around Tofino this summer!
Best of luck for future competitions.
Lots of love from Merge xx

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