Nourish yourself with the power of the sea

The life stories of Tanya Droege, Founder of SeaLuxe and the maker behind Merge soap, literally gave me chills. Such a strong woman!
After being diagnosed with cancer, she found how powerful the benefits of seaweed are and how effective those plants are on humans. She literally became passionate by seaweed - Who can blame her? Back in her early 20’s, Tanya then made her own natural remedies for her daughter and her and with such passion, she knew that one day she would want to share the benefits of the most sustainable and powerful plant on our planet has to offer - seaweed.
Sealuxe is all about sharing the treasure of the West Coast of Canada so that you can soak into the good elements of the ocean wherever you are around the world. It's all about immersing yourself into the seawater as a form of therapy. The essentials of vitamins and proteins in seaweed deeply nourish the skin and aid healing. Seawater also helps restore your body’ natural chemical balance. Hell yea girl!
Where the ocean meets the spa
Make yourself a good cup of tea and nourish yourself with the power of all bath salts. As you soak, you will feel the salt water alleviates your senses. Salt water also helps cure tired muscles, sore joints, and general achiness. Ideal after a long day surfing ladies, because let's be honest, our wetsuits' thickness doesn't allowed for a real soak in the ocean!
The natural scent of roses and eucalyptus will rock your soul back to the ocean. Bathing into the SeaLuxe bath salt is definitely a unique experience that will leave you feeling soft, relaxed and tranquil. It’s exactly where the ocean meets the spa.
Feel the West Coast of the Pacific NorthWest in all is gorgeousness.

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