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A few weeks ago, I have tried Shoreline Body & co.’s products found at Merge. I have heard nothing but amazing things, and since I have spent the entire winter under the boiling sun rays of Sri Lanka, and now am under the long hours of sunshine of the West Coast, I thought it was only fitting to try them out. You know, anything to protect the skin and hydrate it. Much needed stuff for a surfer / beach / summer girl.
While I love going around makeup-less, my goal is to, beforehand, take very good care of my skin, so I don’t have to wear makeup. Moisturizers, serums, cleansers that are non-invasive and safe are my go-to. For someone who struggles with acne, I am definitely a candidate for the organic skin care products of Shoreline Body & co. as they are handmade and crafted to hydrate the skin but to also helps restore and rejuvenate it. I am also a big supporter of local brands. I personally think we find fresher products when buying locally since anything fresh as its limited time spent, but freshness aside, I believe everyone has a soft spot for products crafted right around the corner of its home, right? Yup, Shoreline Body & co. is made on Vancouver Island in Ucluelet, B.C. - which is 30KM away from the surf town of Tofino.
Inspired by the among pounding surf and serene rainforests from the West coast, Shoreline Body & co. has developed a skin care line that protects and heals our skin from mother nature elements. Within that line, certain products have incredibly helped to maximize the glow and the hydration of my skin. Especially now that I have been spending more time than usual in the sun.
So, here are my essentials from Shoreline Body & co.:
The perfect body butta’ to start off my day the right way! I apply it before my morning cup of coffee just because it leaves my skin with the most beautiful glow and ends up being the perfect combination when the coffee glow kicks in too. It smells delicious! It feels silky smooth! It’s awesome!
+ Blossom
As I always have been sold with the whole concept of balancing skin’s pH and anti-inflammatory factors for hydrating the skin, the efficiency of this face toner was already obvious to me. I have to say though that its organic and botanically grown ingredients have convinced me even more. BUT, facts aside, its sweet citrus aroma has been the deal breaker.
As we all know, collagen deteriorates as we get older, so any way to preserve it is key to tightness. Eternal has been created to promote new cell growth, therefore, to improve the elasticity of the skin. For someone who spends a good amount of her time in the sun, I am totally on board with the idea of reducing the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles (again, not so thank you to sunny weather and lots of squinting)!
Another issue, another body butta'? I guess so huh! This one I integrated into my nighttime routine as I was looking for ways to help my body winding down. Now, Balance has become essential for the wellness of my soul (and for my hormonal balance too)! I started using it for its calming benefits to, then, realize the impacts it has also been having on my skin’s oil levels.
I also want to throw out there:
#1 The formulas from Shoreline Body & co. are carefully crafted and poured in small batches to maximize freshness and ensure quality and consistency, and;
#2 The company grows and infuses their own botanicals, which allows control over the price point for some of the products, making a high-end product VERY affordable!
#4 The botanicals are slowly infused into high-quality natural oils ensuring a powerful, clean extraction.
#5 The products have the added therapeutic benefits of a variety of herbal infusions to help repair, regenerate and brighten your complexion.
I believe now that Shoreline Body & co. products is definitely a must to keep the skin healthy, especially during the summer time.
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