Good questions for good people: Meet Alice

Meet Alice! The illustrator behind the new self-love tee.

Where would we have found you as a child? Doing what?

I would probably be jumping around naked on the trampoline with my neighbor.

Describe a day in your life as an illustrator…

A day starts without a doubt by waking up to radio, then drinking a coffee from my yellow coffee machine. I will then go to my studio to work on either my graphic design, illustration or art projects. In the summer, there's a big chance I might go outside to take a look at the sun.

What is it in what you do that fuels you the most?

Putting it down on paper is, for me, a tool for finding shapes and colors, in an attempt to understand where I am. I will usually draw in a very instinctive manner.

What's your dream project?

Being close to nature and having a more systematic artistic practice. I dream to have a lot of animals and maybe a few plants, if I can make them survive.

What's the most important lesson your work has taught you?

It's all about the constancy and the relentlessness that you keep towards your work, while keeping  experimentation to keep things exciting.

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to be an illustrator ?

Draw until the end of times.

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