Merge’s Tips to Travel Safely

Although we know most of the travellers have stopped globe-trotting, it honestly seems like that doesn’t fully ring true for those who had Tofino in mind (and we totally understand why). It feels like the pandemic has gotten us to travel locally rather than abroad, slowed down our routine and overall just enjoy! This all got us thinking about the precautions to take because, although our excitement to see you all is real, the reality is there - the virus is still strolling around. That’s why we felt the need to share our tips and tricks on how to add that extra safety ingredient to your already made travelling recipe.

So for those who are keeping up with their summer 2020 already-made travel/vacation plans, here is what Merge suggests: 


The ocean, the beach, the mountains! Plan a lot of time outside. It will also help in making you feel fully rejuvenated. 


We’re not doing things the same way we used to. Naturally, that’s something global but I guess what we’re trying to say is that although Tofino is renowned for its laid-backness, we have been taken precautions and setting a set of rules to prevent the spread! Please comply with what each business has set up to welcome you into their space or activities


Your flight ticket to New Zealand got cancelled? No biggy, explore a town nearby. Oftentimes, we get caught up in wanting to go across the globe without realizing that there’s something amazing right beside us. Canada is vast and has some serious breathtaking spots. What a better time than now to visit your own province.


Wear and use them and simply follow the protocol in place.  We think wearing a mask, when social distancing is hard or when going indoors, is just a smart thing to do. The worst-case scenario when all of this is over? We wore the mask, felt a bit awkward but helped the way we could. The end. You protect me, and I protect you. We’ve got each other’s back; that is little Tofino’s mentality.


Let’s be respectful towards one another, each other’s bubble and environment. Let’s be mindful of the new rules in place and ways of having a blast. After all, aren’t we just all there to have a great time? 

Most importantly, Merge suggests you embrace the smallest things and simplest pleasures. Those are the moments that will most likely be the highlights of your vacation. It might seem like we’re popping on here to lecture the heck out of you, while genuinely all we really want to do is to thank you! All of you who came, or are planning on coming, even during this crazy time. Merge wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t because of you! Our hearts are filled with gratitude. In all honesty, a few months ago, when our world shifted, we didn’t know what to expect for Merge for the summer. We let ourselves be surprised and let’s just put it like that: ‘’not as expected but better than imagined » !!

Safe travels, mindful shopping, and endless dancing! 

Cant’ rule Mother Nature but you can sure learn to dance along what she has to offer. Photo by Cristina Gareau


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